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18 / OGRA MILESTONES CONFERENCE 2017 e WSIB has developed a proposed preliminary Rate Framework, and has been inviting input on the reform through their consultation process. e proposed reforms stem from recommendations of the Pricing Fairness report ("Stanley Report") to develop an Integrated Rate Framework to change the way employers are classified and the way premium rates are set for Schedule 1 firms. Some proposed highlights included: > Premium rates for employers that are adjusted for their risk, rather than paying the same premium as others in their group. > ere will be a prevention element: reducing risks and the occurrence of workplace injuries and illnesses at firms will help to reduce their premiums under this new model. > Elimination of experience programs will mean that rather than rebates, prevention actions and experience will be reflected in the upcoming year's premiums. WSIB received over 50 submissions and feedback via technical sessions during their 2015 consultation process, and, after review and analysis, have made various changes; some the highlights are outlined herein. (See WSIB for complete changes). WSIB will commit to developing a Rate Framework monitoring function which will, in part, involve regular reports to stakeholders on the health of the Rate Framework and review/undertake amendments at least every 5 years to coincide with NAICS updates. WSIB is interested in exploring development of a workplace tool similar to what Worksafe BC uses which enables employers to learn about injuries and claims impacting their safety performance, comparing performance against peers and assessing impact of workplace H&S changes. e Rate Framework represents a model that aims to address fundamental issues raised by stakeholders, partners and the WSIB itself, with the current employer classification structure and premium rate setting processes. e adoption of a new classification structure and prospective Risk Adjusted Premium Rate process would not affect the total amount of premium dollars collected by the WSIB, thereby remaining revenue neutral. However, a new system would, in a reasonable and gradual manner, shift the distribution of premiums among individual employers based on their claims experience, while ensuring that employers are paying their fair share of workplace coverage. WSIB RATE FRAMEWORK MODERNIZATION By Monica A. Szabo, OHST, CRSP, ROH, CMM III Executive Director, Government, Municipal and Public Safety Public Services Health & Safety Association

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